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Advantech Power supply/ ADP A/D 100 240 V 96PSAA65W19V1-1

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Quick Overview
Power supply/ ADP A/D 100 240 V
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Specifications for 96PSAA65W19V1-1
96PSAA65W19V1-1 has full manufacturer warranty
65 W 19 V C 6 DC plug 180

Why power supplies are so important for performance Advantech 96PSAA65W19V1-1
Three very important parts of your server or PC are: the motherboard, the memory and (most importantly): the PSU / power supply like the Advantech 96PSAA65W19V1-1. When compiling a server or computer, an average computer user only bother to spend time choosing the motherboard and memory, and is little aware of the importance of selecting a proper power supply. An unbranded power supply often do not comply with certain standards and this may well lead to reduced performance and unstable operation of the computer or server. The Advantech 96PSAA65W19V1-1. Is of course an A-brand power supply and has be tested at the factory stage to ensure excellent performance.

Advantech 96PSAA65W19V1-1
Manufacturer warranty Advantech 96PSAA65W19V1-1
Manufacturer warranty included. Replace/repair service available.

ship to the US: Advantech 96PSAA65W19V1-1
We express ship European parts to the USA. 95% of the Advantech products are on stock. All parts have full warranty and are brand new. We are your partner in European brands and if you are ordering a larger quantity of the Advantech 96PSAA65W19V1-1, feel free to ask for a price request.

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