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D-link DAP-2230?KIT

SKU# DAP-2230?KIT_519

Price DAP-2230?KIT:
$208.70 Price per 1 piece/meter
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  • Next shipment expected 23-10-2019
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D-link DAP-2230?KIT
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Specifications for DAP-2230?KIT
DAP-2230?KIT has full manufacturer warranty
D-link DAP-2230?KIT

D-link DAP-2230?KIT
Manufacturer warranty D-link DAP-2230?KIT
Manufacturer warranty included. Replace/repair service available.

ship to the US: D-link DAP-2230?KIT
We express ship European parts to the USA. 95% of the D-link products are on stock. All parts have full warranty and are brand new. We are your partner in European brands and if you are ordering a larger quantity of the D-link DAP-2230?KIT, feel free to ask for a price request.

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