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Worldwide shipping

worldwide shippingWe ship from our warehouses in Germany and The Netherlands.

We are pleased to be able to provide Worldwide shipping to our customers.

Our international client base grows each year and we are proud to see most customers coming back to order again.

The standard shipping costs for packages up to 1 kg to the USA is $43.42.  For any other destination, some area codes or items heavier, larger or bigger than usual, we can give you a shipping quote. We will determine the exact cost upon request. Import duties may also apply. You can also arrange a for pick-up of the goods on your shipping account. In that case, we will send you the dimensions and weight.

The reason for the increase in international customers is related to the wide range of products that we offer and the ability to deliver them fast.  Usually we can ship products & parts within 48 hours. We also specialize in delivering EOL products. These are products where the manufacturer has stopped the production, but where there is some reststock available on the shelves of one of our warehouses. Since we work together with distributors worldwide, it may well be that we are the only ones being able to deliver an EOL product fast to your country.   

We also offer the possibility to use your own preferred shipping company and simply have your order picked up at our warehouse.  When placing the order you just choose the option In-store pickup at the check-out  page. We can call your carrier and arrange the pick-up service in your name or you can arrange it yourself. Whatever suits you best.

Alternatively, we can ship the goods with one of our carriers such as UPS, DHL or FedEx. Please note that most, but not all items can be shipped for the standard freight charge. For very large or heavy items, we will let you know as soon as possible if extra shipping costs will be added to your order.

We normally do not include any tax charges on the invoices of international shipments. This means that you, as the importer of goods, will be responsible for any customs invoices and charges.


Our customer service agents can help you in the following languages:

Fluent: English, Dutch, German

Reasonable: Swedish, French

Shipping our electronics worldwide

Our logistics team is dedicated to fast delivery. Although we are sometimes dependent on ordering direcly from the factory, we can mostly ship quickly. We often tell the story of the phone call from a ship in Antwerp, which was about to sail in 24 hours, and needed an ABB product. In this case our employee picked up the product from a warehouse in Southern Germany, then drove to Antwerp to arrive on time for the delivery of the goods. Of course these cases are rare and they do have a price tag connected to them, but we want to illustrate here the flexibility of our company and our willingness to solve unconventional problems together.

Clients from the United States

We have returning customers from all 50 States.  Usually we ship with UPS, but we can also ship your order using your own preferred carrier.

Clients from Asia

We can help you in English and we are happy to give you references from some of our customers in Hong Kong and other areas.

Clients from the Middle East

We have longstanding relationships with many customers in countries like the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.  We are happy to help you in English. References from some of our customers in the region can be provided upon request.

Clients from Scandinavia

We are happy to help our customers from Scandinavia via this website. Alternatively, they can visit our Scandinavian webshop  We do have a Swedish speaking coworker and we are working hard on the translations in Norwegian, Danish and Finnish. 

Clients from Eastern Europe

We are happy to help you in the English or German language.

Clients from the United Kingdom

Please visit our British website at


We do not ship products to any country under embargo.

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