Privacy Statement

  1. Intro

When you are a customer of Hardware. Hereinafter referred to as: InternetMedia B.V.), your personal data will be processed by Hardware. This happens, for example, if you enter into a contract with InternetMedia B.V. or create an account in our webshop. We will always handle your personal data responsibly and in accordance with the rules of the GDPR.

In this Privacy Statement we describe who we are, how and for what purpose we process your personal data within Hardware, how you can exercise your privacy rights and other important information. We try to describe all this in plain language. However, if after reading this Privacy Statement you have any questions about how we use your personal information, you can contact us using the contact details at the bottom of this statement.

We are also happy to provide information about our use of cookies.

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We would also like to point out that we are constantly developing and improving Hardware. If this has any effect on the way we process your personal data, it will be reflected in this Privacy Statement. That is why it is good to read the Privacy Statement from time to time when using this website frequently. At the bottom of this document you will find the date on which the Privacy Statement was last amended.


  1. Who are we?

InternetMedia B.V. is the manager of the activities of Hardware

Our contact details are:

Hardware (InternetMedia B.V.)

Ladies Jolinkweg 60

7051 DL Varsseveld

The Netherlands

Would you like to contact us? Look for the contact details at the bottom of this statement.


  1. For what purpose do we process your personal data?

Hardware processes your personal data for the following purposes:

Order processing and execution of a contract:

We process your personal data to prepare, receive, process and execute your purchase agreement.

Administrative business:

We process your personal data for administrative and financial business activities, such as reports and the management and processing of invoices and collections.

Marketing and communication:

We process your personal data in order to provide customer service and support, to maintain our relationship with you, for our marketing activities, to be able to make personalized offers, to add you to a loyalty program and / or to inform you about our services.

Legal purposes:

We process your personal data to identify you, to combat fraud, to conduct audits, to initiate legal proceedings, to ensure safety within the company and to act in accordance with legal obligations.

Order processing and execution of an agreement:

If you place an order at Hardware, it is very important to us that we collect and store your personal data in order to process and deliver your order, we also want to be able to keep you informed of the processing status and - if necessary - to process returns. That is why we need the contact details of you and your organization.

We can also pass on your details to a party that ensures that your package is delivered. Your personal data can be shared with carriers to deliver the right shipment to the right place, or to collect returns from you.

If you choose to pay electronically, your data can be processed by a payment service provider. In that case, the payment service provider is responsible for processing your payment. They will also handle your data carefully, as prescribed by the AVG law.

Legitimate basis: the performance of a (purchase) agreement

Administrative activities

Invoices and collections:

After an order has been placed and processed or delivered, we will send an invoice for it. Hardware also processes personal data when there are debtors with open or unpaid bills. Customers with outstanding amounts will enter an automated reminder process and will regularly receive a payment reminder.

Legitimate Basis: Legitimate interest

Communication, marketing and loyalty programs

Customer relationship:

Your relationship with Hardware is very important to us. That is why we would like to ensure that your contact details are always up to date. Customer relationship management also includes creating an agreement with you or registering an account in our system. It also includes sharing your data with other departments of InternetMedia B.V. to prepare order proposals or send invoices to the right person. That is why we collect your contact details.

Legitimate basis: Performance of an agreement, legitimate interest

Customer service:

We want to be able to help you at lightning speed when you contact us with a question or complaint. In order to do this, we need to process your personal data in the form of notes (digital) and the registration of chats or telephone conversations that you may have with our employees. We use this information not only to achieve the solution to your question, but also to analyze and improve the quality of our services. For that purpose we collect your contact details and your question or complaint. In specific cases, your file can be used for education and / or training purposes.

In the event that a product purchased from Hardware is defective or does not meet expectations, we can deploy third parties to carry out repairs or provide other services. Service requests made to Hardware can be handled directly by its suppliers; the personal data shared with these third parties for that purpose is limited to only those data that are necessary for the provision of the requested service, and only for the purpose of performing that service.

Legitimate basis: Performance of an agreement

Marketing and promotional offers:

If you are already a customer of Hardware, or have you previously indicated that you wish to receive our promotional offers, you can be added to a distribution list of recipients to whom e-mails, (digital) catalogs, folders and / or brochures are sent sent. We use your personal information to be able to send these offers and communications.

Legitimate Basis: Consent, Legitimate Interest

Participation in loyalty programs:

We may process your personal data if you indicate that you wish to participate in one of our possible loyalty programs, to receive personalized offers or to provide feedback through customer satisfaction or customer needs surveys. Hardware may collect and process your contact and account information for that purpose.

Legitimate Basis: Consent

Legal objectives:

Customer data may be required for investigation, prevention or resolution of fraud cases. We may also be obliged to transfer your personal data to public law authorities (such as the judicial authorities or the tax authorities) in cases where this proves necessary to comply with our legal obligations. Even if a customer refuses to fulfill his / her payment obligations, Hardware can provide the personal details of this customer to its legal aid facility to take legal action with the aim of achieving a payment.

Legitimate Basis: Legal duty


  1. What personal data do we collect?

If you do business with Hardware, we may collect the following personal data from you:

  • Contact details (Name, Address, City, E-mail, Telephone number).
  • Company details (Company name, Address, Postal code, City, Chamber of Commerce registration number, VAT number)
  • Accounts (Username, UserID, Password (encrypted))
  • Order data (Date / Time, Item or Service and Quantity, Order status, Order amount, Sales prices and Order costs, Payment conditions and Transaction data)
  • Marketing & communication data (Your opt-in / opt-out choices for direct marketing / personal offers, Newsletters and the like) These data may differ per sales channel.
  • Participation data (whether you use a particular promotion or loyalty program)
  • Customer Contact Center - details (registration of your contact with our Customer Contact Center, including correspondence by e-mail or letter, and telephone conversations)
  • Details about website use (cookies, etc.)


  1. On what legal grounds are my personal data processed?

As described in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a legal basis must be present for each of the processing of personal data to be legally valid. We process personal data associated with Hardware on the basis of the following four legal grounds:

  1. To execute an order or (service) contract on your behalf, or
  2. because of having to comply with a legal obligation or regulation, or
  3. for a legitimate interest pursued by us, or
  4. with your explicit consent.

Performance of an agreement

If we enter into an agreement with you, we will use your personal data which is necessary for the implementation of this agreement. Without this information we would not be able to fulfill our obligations arising from the agreement. The processing of orders, contracts and services is covered by this legal basis.

Legal duty

We are legally obliged to process your personal data to comply with tax and other legal obligations.

Legitimate Interest

We use your personal information for the following legitimate interests:

  • To be able to maintain a lasting relationship with you as a customer, and to be able to offer you products and / or services (including through direct marketing)
  • To be able to defend us during a possible legal process
  • To improve the effectiveness of our services

We may use your personal data in a pseudonymised form to understand how we can improve and develop a service, but also for general, statistical and analytical purposes or for reporting. If there is reason to do so, we can process your personal data for the investigation or prevention of fraud or to fulfill legal obligations. The processing of personal data for these purposes therefore fulfills a legitimate purpose for us.


If the above three legal grounds do not apply, we will only use your data after your explicit consent. You can withdraw your explicit consent at any time. You can read how to do this in the section "I want to withdraw my consent".


  1. To whom do we provide your personal information?

We may provide your information to third parties. This is always in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Statement and to the extent permitted by law. However, we will never share your personal information with third parties for their own marketing purposes.

Your personal data can be shared with the following possible recipients:

- Internal departments and other companies within InternetMedia B.V.

- We may share your personal data internally with our departments (such as debtor management) and with other entities within InternetMedia B.V. Always with the aim to provide you with the correct information, products or services or to develop new products, services, promotions and communications. In addition, we can use your data to prevent, detect and / or investigate possible illegal activities, fraud and / or data security breaches or violations of our terms and conditions.

- Authorities

- We may share your personal information with supervisory authorities such as the tax authorities, customs, the police and other public law authorities. We provide your personal information:

- If this is necessary to detect or prevent criminal activities

- To comply with a legal obligation or court order

- When this is necessary to enforce our policies, or to guarantee the rights and freedoms of others

- Business services companies (data processors). We may use business service providers to help us perform our services. These organizations are contractually bound by us and only act on our instructions. They are not allowed to process the personal data provided for their own purposes.

- Payment services. You may be asked to provide payment information when purchasing the product. This data can be used directly by the payment service. This payment service provider is responsible for making your payment within the limits set by law.

- Different. We may provide your information to third parties. We only do this to third parties that are part of InternetMedia B.V. or companies that will become part of it and / or its legal successors, as a result of restructuring, merger or acquisition.


  1. Transferring your personal information?

Your personal data will not be transferred to a location outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.


  1. Storing your personal data.

Your personal data will be anonymized or deleted if it is no longer necessary for the purposes stated in this Privacy Statement. In some situations, certain elements of your personal data are stored for a longer period of time. This has to do with legal obligations imposed by public institutions.

We may store your personal data for our following purposes: fraud detection, handling potential disputes or facilitating our contractual obligations with third parties such as our suppliers.


  1. How can you exercise your privacy rights (personal rights of data subjects)?

You can always:

- request us to view, amend or delete your registered personal data

- object to marketing activities directed to you

- generally object to the processing of your personal data

- ask us to transfer your data to a third party designated by you (that portability)

If you want to exercise these rights, you can submit a request to us. For this you can use the contact details that can be found at the bottom of this Privacy Statement. Then keep in mind that we may ask for additional proof of your identity. We do this to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to your data. If you no longer wish to use our direct marketing communications, you can let us know via the contact details.


  1. I want to withdraw my given consent.

You can withdraw your given consent at any time. Keep in mind that this cannot be done retroactively, and that it may take a while before this change is implemented in all our systems. You can withdraw your consent for direct marketing by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any marketing email sent by us. Or you can make the change in "your preferences" after you have logged in to our webshop. You can withdraw permission for other activities by means of a written request via the contact details at the bottom of this Privacy Statement or by e-mail?


  1. Where do I submit a complaint?

If you want to submit a complaint, you can do so at the 'Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens', Bezuidenhoutseweg 30, 2594 AV, The Hague.


  1. How do I contact Hardware?

If you have a question about the way in which we process your personal data, you can contact us at shop@Hardware or by post to:

InternetMedia B.V.

Ladies Jolinkweg 60

7051 DL Varsseveld

The Netherlands

+31 (0) 314-674190


  1. When was this Privacy Statement last amended?

December 21, 2020